Energy Efficiency

Having energy efficient options can save you money and help save the environment as well. With a steady and constant rise in fuel costs it's imperative that you look at steps to reduce your monthly fuel bill.

If your home has single or old double glazed units, if you were to replace them with high energy efficient windows and doors this will save you money. Research shows that it can reduce the energy you need by 20% to heat your home. The government has set tough targets to reduce greenhouse emissions. The Energy Efficiency Council and British Federation Rating Council have worked out a system to rate the energy efficiency of windows and doors from any manufacturer. This energy rating system is similar to to that used on white goods for example A - G with A being more energy efficient that G.

When choosing energy efficient windows, look for:
Minimum C rated under the BFRC Windows Energy Rating guidelines
Energy Saving Recommended logo
Reputable fabricators
Expertise in design

P & P Windows Ltd will give you the best advice on choosing energy efficient options and help you save money in the long run.

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